1. naterradolalala said: it's not an ask, but i must say that i love your art..i'm completely in love and admire buy you photos, models and art in general ((:

    Thank you very much, I just try to avoid the boredom.

  2. "She wasn’t lost, but only because she didn’t know where exactly she was going."

    Model: Oriana

  3. I was too distracted to warn her about the incoming wave.

    She forgave me.


    Model: Kalani

  4. “I resent the way you make me like myself…”

    Model: Brooke Eva

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  5. Jordan Bunniie takes her work very seriously.

  6. I’m really pleased with the images I’ve been posting on my travel blog, Surviving Wanderlust. Please follow along!


    Red Polish and White Foam, Shell Beach, CA 2014

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  8. Water plays with light like a kitten with a ball of string.

  9. survivingwanderlust:

    Hiking along the Pacific Coast with Jacs Fishburne, 2014


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  10. She who did not fear the light learned how to harness it.


    Model: Jacs Fishburne

  11. BTS of Kalani making adjustments, 2014

  12. A lost and never-posted shot of @Miss_Kaciemarie from our trip to Pismo Beach, Ca.

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  13. It bears repeating:

    "There is something burning in my heart
    Spreading like a forest fire.”


    Model: Jacs Fishburne

  14. "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams…" -With @zaBailez -

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  15. The hunter has become the hunted…
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