1. drownaway said: I love your work. It feels like you have this familiar, comfortable, inviting atmosphere with all the models you work with. Wish you all the success!

    Thank you so much. I try to make the people I work with feel as comfortable as possible by creating an open atmosphere, but you’d have to ask them if I achieve that goal or not. I just try to let things happen and then capture it in a way I think will look good.

    Thanks for the support!


  2. danielgreyphotography said: Hi Mark! The "Brooke Issue" is awesome! I love your work man!

    Thanks a lot! There are more coming, stay tuned….


  3. Anonymous said: How did you make those gifs? What camera and lighting equipment did you use? (I'm always curious ;D) Great work.

    I just used Photoshop, nothing fancy. As for the lighting, in the Brooke GIFs I used a reflector. Most of what I use these days is just natural and available lighting. Thanks for the interest and kind words.

  4. "The Collar Bone," 2013

    This is one of my favorite photos from winter of last year. It is also part of my limited edition 5”x7” photo book, QUIET, featuring images of Miss Kacie Marie, Hattie Watson, Sierra McKenzie, Brooke Eva, Tiffany Helms aka Lady Sensuality, Roarie Yum, Rivi Madison, and more.

    If you would like to order a copy, I only have TWO COPIES of this book left. Message me for details: mvfocus@gmail.com

  5. "Don’t leave me standing here,
    I can’t get used to this lifestyle…”

    Model: Jesslyn

  6. Here is the second (and better?) Brooke Eva GIF in a Catholic school girl uniform from some video we shot last year. (Has it been a year already?)

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  7. I’m pretty far behind on editing images and am in a bit of a creative malaise. The good news is that my not being able to sleep last night meant I had time to teach myself how to make GIFs from the video clips I have long neglected.

    Here is Brooke Eva showing off her mosquito-bitten butt in a Catholic school girl uniform. Order the Special Edition of NSFW Magazine dedicated to Brooke featuring images from this shoot and more!

  8. I haven’t been posting much lately, my heart simply hasn’t been in it. But for the loyal people who follow this blog, here’s the always fun and complicated Jesslyn in honor of Memorial Day….just because I can.

  9. I had the pleasure of finally working with Jordan Bunniie yesterday. She was an absolute sweetheart and the only negative aspect of the evening was knowing it was ending soon. More images coming soon.

  10. brookeva:

    We is very #excite @markvelasquez101 I got my copy of my exclusive #nsfw #magazine order yours now! #eep#brookeva#brooke#eva#travel

    Thank YOU, Brooke. Hey, everyone! Order your copy of Brooke Eva’s NSFW Solo Issue!

    (Sidenote: God, is that what I really look like??)

BTS of Jess navigating through the frigid Pacific Ocean.
    Shell Beach, Ca., 2014

    Under the water was nothing but large boulders, so though it looks fairly easy to walk through, it was anything but. Both Jesslyn and I froze that afternoon, but she was both drunk and naked, so I guess she had it better and worse than I did. More images coming soon.

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  13. "I used to wonder, why did we bother?
    Distanced from one, blind to the other…”

    Model: Miss Kacie Marie

  14. Nothing better to beat this crazy California heat wave like testing a new model.

    Oriana has never shot with any other photographer, apart from her senior portraits, so she was extremely nervous for today’s test shoot. She had no reason to be. Not only am I a completely easy-going, non-threatening person, but she was lovely, low-maintenance, and a natural in front of the camera, though she refused to believe it. I can’t wait to shoot some “real” photos with her soon.


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  15. After a lot of hard work, I’m proud to announce the first ever NSFW Magazine Special Edition featuring California native and dear friend, Brooke Eva. Enclosed are many images of this lovely, talented redhead that have never been published as well as many of your favorites from up and down the coast. Order your copy today!