1. Generally speaking I’m as much of a hater as the next person, but I am always surprised to hear people talk ill of my friend and model, Cherish. After knowing her for over six years, I think it’s fair to say I know her pretty well.

    Yes, no one is perfect and we’ve all made mistakes, but I have heard the most negative and downright cruel descriptions from women about Cherish that are based solely on her appearance.

    "She’s a stuck up bitch who never talks to anyone. She’s just an anorexic bimbo with fake boobs."

    No, she’s very shy in public and is often too intimidated to talk to anyone. Also, she was gifted with good genes and has danced her whole life to stay naturally thin and fit. Along with those traits, she is smart, clever, funny, and not afraid to be goofy or self-deprecating.

    I was pleased to have her visit me this weekend and excited when she said she had time to take a few photos. Cherish has proven herself to be a wonderful person who has come a long way and has further to go, and I am honored to call her a friend.


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  2. chaydenphoto said: Huh, random shitheels on the internet have bad and wrong opinions based solely on appearance and their own prejudices? Learn something new every day.
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